My method is simple

It’s about removing what is harmful and adding in what is beneficial. About understanding that the environment you bathe your genes in determines how those genes are expressed. So what you eat, how much chemical and toxic exposure you’ve had, what stresses you tolerate, what you believe and how you think, how much love you give and get and how you move are critical.

In this video we talk about Epigenetics – and how healthy living influences your genes.


I believe that with the right diet, exercise, good sleep, stress management and appropriate supplementation, you can take control of your health…it’s never too late.

Here are my top 10 tips to get you started

  • Stop or cut down radically on sugar, processed foods, refined and junk food.
  • Eat a protein and phyto-nutrient rich breakfast to get going and keep going.
  • Try to eat a variety of different foods, the more colorful, the better. Choose organic, fresh, seasonal and local whenever possible.
  • Get adequate restful sleep – between 6 – 8 hours. Make your room as dark as possible and if you cannot darken your room completely, wear an eye mask.
  • Take some quiet time for yourself and if you can, develop a meditation practice that helps manage stress.
  • Become an educated consumer. Read labels to avoid buying products with ingredients you cannot pronounce or understand and Try to choose “cleaner”, chemical-free household and personal care products.This will help minimize your exposure to toxins.
  • Stay physically active and exercise regularly.
  • Keep flexible in both body and mind.
  • Find meaning in your life and keep connected to others.
  • Fortify yourself against environmental contaminants, depleted food sources and the effects of stress on your body, by supplementing the nutrients that we find hard to get enough of in our diet alone.

Take care and be well,

Frank Lipman MD